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  • You can get through itThe phone:0533-4680750 A mobile phone:13371588899 Learn more about vertical oil-free reciprocating vacuum pump information
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  • Bo jie pump industry to visit learning JiaoYuLu memorial hall and the original mountain and hard struggle
  • 3Month1Ribo jie pump industry to rebuilt the individual private enterprise recruiting the party members' activities organized by the party committee,To JiaoYuLu hard struggle memorial museum and the original mountain
  • The enterprise culture
  • Enterprise idea、The spirit of enterprise
  • Bo jie brand tree Ladbrokes jie imageTo innovate、Dedicated to professional,Only by constantly innovation,Keep leading technology,The quality is the market,Have to improve to make progress。People-oriented Good for first,The industry to create a first-class products,Let every customer satisfaction is bo jie enterprise idea!
  • Create value for our customers. For the enterprise development For the interests for the employees,For a countryPay attention to practical results,Improve the management,Improve the quality,Benefit of regulations.For customers“Bo jie”The cognizance of the brand,Is our value。To explore the innovation Forge ahead,Carefully Careful With your heart Keep good quality,A person's ability is limited But the effort is infinite,Everybody solidarity and collaboration,Make our business more prosperous,A more harmonious society,More brilliant tomorrow!
  • The enterprise culture
  • Real life Steadfast to do thingsDo every little thing yourself,Do every thing success。Market demand is the direction of the enterprise,The market is the sea Enterprise is the ship The quality is the sail Man is a pilot,The customer is our god Quality is the demand of god,Your satisfaction is our expectations Your expectations is our pursuit。Coming to me“Bo jie”You can feel our enterprise culture,Corporate culture is not can be formed,Need to accumulate over a long period slowly precipitation,Through a variety of forms of propaganda learning subtle infiltration into the heart of every employee,The quality of employees The quality of the work,Is closely related to the quality of the product。Knowledge comes from learning,Quality from the improvement of the progress,To prepare for tomorrow,Is doing your best today”Business prosperity Starts from me。
  • Quality management、The enterprise image
  • Quality of work everyone Product quality cengcengbaguanControl every procedure,Do a good job in every product,The production process of zero defects,A percentage of high quality products。The quality is the life of the enterprise,Inspection insist to do,Don't let a little problem,Only in this way will extend unlimited life。
  • The worker is an expression of the corporate image,The worker,Is the most active form of corporate image,It is by the enterprise employees' professional ethics、Professional training、Cultural quality、Spirit、Manners、Work attitude, etc。Enterprise image is produced by employee's image and product image reflected,Only first-class staff image can have a high efficiency management、High quality products and services,To get the best economic benefits,Create the first-class enterprise image。
  • The local culture
  • Boshan ship is located in the middle of shandong,The original said“Yan qing state town of god”Currently he is rebuilt,From generation a filial woman“Performing ginger”Regardless of the type of spite,The flood is coming to save a in-laws and side body blocked the spring by the people,To the goddess,PepsiCo filial first,In honor of the goddess,In wen jiang square shaped tall statue,Has been built“Performing ginger shrine”,Every year the lunar June 30 grand temple fair held three days,Shuttle goddess sedan team dance、Gongs、Lion dance、The opera singing very busy,Boshan ship is one of the birthplace of filial piety culture。
  • Company profile
  •   Our company is specializing in the production of vacuum products、Application studies such as complete sets of equipment of pump backbone enterprises,Is the collection development、Design、Manufacturing、The installation、Processing、The sale in a body,Leading is the use of modern production and management of the unit。Has a large modern processing equipment center。The main products areW、WY、WLW、2WLWSeries horizontal reciprocating vacuum pump,Vertical reciprocating vacuum pump oil,2BY、SK SZ SZB 2BEA、2BECSuch as vacuum pumps and compressors,2SK-P1Two stage water ring pump series--Atmospheric jet pump unit,SPBSeries water jet pump,2X、2XZSeries rotary vane,Two stage rotary vane vacuum pump,ZBK、ZJ、JZJS、JZJX、JZJ2SAnd other series roots vacuum pump and vacuum pump unit,IS、ISRA series of clear water、Hot water centrifugal pump,DAI、DLMultistage centrifugal pump,ISGSeries vertical single-stage pipeline pump,GCBoiler feed pump,LG、SHWater pump。Products are widely used in coal mine 、Ore dressing、Coal washing、 The oil、Chemical industry 、Fertilizer、Paper making、Pharmaceutical、Food、Electrons、Metallurgy、Ceramics、Water diversion、Printing and dyeing、Building materials、Light industry、Plastic machinery and other industries and high-rise building water supply and other fields。

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