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Zhengzhou heiko melt pump co., LTD is a professional production and sales of the melt pump、High temperature melt extrusion pump、In the net、High precision filter and precise control system(PLC)And the like。Is specializing in the production of the melt gear pump in China、Net changer earlier one of the enterprises。The company independent research and development productionMP-S、MP-M、MP-H、MP-CHigh temperature melt gear pump products and seriesHK-ACB、HK-SSP、HK-FSP、HK-DPSeries product to replace the network。Now in the net and the melt gear pump has been widely used in chemical fiber、Granulation、Plastic film、Sheet、The plank、Profiles、Steel tubes、Wire and cable、Wire drawing、Composite extrusion production line, etc,Machinable materials almost covers most of the polymer materials,Such as:PE、PC、PP、PVC、HIPS、PS、PA、TPUR、Fluorinated polymers、Polysulfone、Polyester、Thermoplastic elastomer、Rubber and hot glue, etc...

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